The New Slang Podcast: Episode 034 Brad Rice of The Stragglers

On Episode 034 of The New Slang Podcast, we talk with Brad Rice, drummer for Oklahoma staple Jason Boland & The Stragglers. As nearly 20 years in, Boland, Rice, and company have simultaneously helped establish and further Oklahoma music, their Red Dirt roots, and regional storytelling through a country twang lens. Last week, while in Lubbock, we caught up with Rice in the green room of Charley B’s. During this conversation, we discuss The Stragglers’ upcoming yet-to-be-titled ninth studio album that’s currently in the works, how Boland and company have kept their music fresh and creative 20 years in, the Oklahoma singer-songwriter, Millennials vs. The World, how social media has impacted the music industry, fan interaction, and our world in general, Rice’s love for the Oklahoma City Thunder, why Russell Westbrook is going to be the 2016-17 MVP,  anti-intellectualism, and the current state(s) of the music scene in Texas, Oklahoma, and Nashville.

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