The New Slang Podcast: Episode 029 Jacob Furr

by: Thomas D. Mooney

On Episode 029, we catch up with Ft. Worth-based singer-songwriter Jacob Furr. Furr’s steady and calculated approach to songwriting has delivered a catalog of weighty storytellers balanced with an even keel demeanor and delivery. It’s help set him apart from the pack in a town full of rising singer-songwriters and storytelling poets. Often, calling a songwriter a “songwriter’s songwriter” comes across as a backhanded compliment at best. With Furr though, it happens to be songwriters–or, just those who pay attention to the fine detail in the craft–who are often the ones who notice the nuances and delicacy within his catalog. With the release of Sierra Madre, his latest full-length, Furr traded in folky rolling hills for towering mountains and jagged cliffs. He often comes down from the mountain after setting them ablaze with roaring, sharp guitars.

We caught up with Furr last week when he made the trek for Ft. Worth to Lubbock. Being a Texas Tech alum (and playing keys with Red Shahan), Furr’s more than familiar with the Lubbock music scene. On this episode, we dive into Lubbock music history of the last decade, thoughts on Top 10 Albums we listened to in high school and college–Bright Eyes, Elliott Smith, The Shins, The Mountain Goats, etc heavy–, why criticism isn’t always being a “hater,” the political climate in the Social Media age, and opinions on the Josh Weathers backlash (and backlash to the backlash) after he performed at President Donald Trump’s inauguration a few weeks ago.

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