The New Slang Podcast: Episode 006 Ben Hussey of Dolly Shine

Ben Husseyby: Thomas D. Mooney

This week, we sit down with Ben Hussey, bassist of Stephenville’s country roots band Dolly Shine. Hussey, one of Six Market Blvd’s founding members, has been a pioneering voices in Stephenville’s small, but strong music scene. As part of 6MB, he opened up doors for bands not just from the area, but in many ways, bands out in Lubbock and songwriters of Ft. Worth. With former 6MB guitarist Josh Serrato, they formed Boy Street Recording Studio and have been producing, engineering, and playing on a growing roster of EPs and records by the likes of Brandon Adams, Dolly Shine, Joe Teichman, and Jon Young.

This episode is presented by The Blue Light Live.