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Red Shahan Readies Culberson County

Men & Vintage Neon Signs

Texas singer-songwriter Red Shahan has announced that his solo sophomore album, Culberson County, is officially due out March 30 via Thirty Tigers.

Culberson County clocks in at 12 songs long and further finds Shahan exploring the rural territory of the remote Southwest. Much like on Men & Coyotes, Shahan dives deep with in-depth storytelling that often sheds light on life’s darker subjects. Characters are intense. The sun-soaked setting of dying small towns and land that’s been carved up by oil rigs and western expansion is its own living, breathing antagonist. The raw, gritty textures continue expanding in all directions on the canvas and soundscape.

Watch a live performance of “Culberson County,” which was filmed at Willie Nelson’s Pedernales studio last spring during Luck Reunion.


Culberson County Tracklist

01) Waterbill
02) Enemy
03) 6 Feet
04) Culberson County
05) How They Lie
06) Roses
07) Someone Someday
08) Revolution
09) Idle Hands
10) Memphis
11) Hurricane
12) Try

Josh Abbott Band Performs “Amnesia” on Conan

Josh Abbott Band with Conan O’Brien.

by: Thomas D. Mooney

This past Wednesday, Josh Abbott Band performed their smash hit “Amnesia” on Conan.  It marks the band’s second time to perform on national television in the last six months–the first being “Wasn’t That Drunk” on Jimmy Kimmel Live this past June.

In addition, the seven-piece JAB–along with JAB’s guitar tech Dusty Gregg–presented Conan O’Brien, an avid music fan and guitar player, with a special handmade electric guitar with O’Brien’s iconic hair and “Team Coco” on the body and neck.

Watch Josh Abbott Band perform “Amnesia” below.

Abbott and company are currently on the road on their “Live It While You Got It” Tour in support of their latest album, Front Row Seat.

Josh Abbott Band Tour Dates

Jan. 20-21 – Denver, CO – Grizzly Rose
Jan. 25 – Omaha, NE – The Waiting Room
Jan. 26 – Minneapolis, MN – Skyway Theatre – Studio B
Jan. 27 – Springfield, IL – Boondocks
Jan. 28 – Rosemont, IL – Joe’s Live
Feb. 3 – Norman, OK – Riverwind Casino
Feb. 10 – San Antonio, TX – Cowboys Dance Hall
Feb. 11 – Donna, TX – Chisholm Trail Festival
Feb. 17 – College Station, TX – TBD
Feb. 25 – El Paso, TX – Texas Country Music Festival
March 1 – Boston, MA – TBD
March 2 – Clifton Park, NY – Upstate Concert Hall
March 3 – Washington, DC -TBD
March 4 – New York City, NY -TBD
March 8 – Warrendale, PA – Jergel’s Rhythm Grille
March 9 – Grand Rapids, MI – The Intersection
March 10 – Indianapolis, IN – 8 Seconds Saloon
March 11 – Rootstown, OH – Dusty Armadillo
March 15 – Seattle, WA – The Croccodile
March 17 – Spokane, WA – Knitting Factory
March 18 – Boise, ID – Knitting Factory
March 22 – Sacramento, CA – Goldfield Trading Post
March 23 – Bakersfield, CA – Buck Owen’s Crystal Palace
March 24 – San Diego, CA – House of Blues
March 26 – Anaheim, CA – The Parish House of Blues Anaheim

Panhandle Releases Report: Week 1/2

by: Thomas D. Mooney

With EPs like SPiVEY’s Chief’s Hideout and Sugarwitch’s Fancy Practice sneaking their way into the final weeks of 2016, these first 13 days of 2017 has mainly been Panhandle artists and bands gearing up for the year with songwriters Davis Alan, Cody Jasper, Delbert McClinton, and Hayden Pedigo all releasing preview single(s) for larger releases in the coming weeks and months.

Below, we’ve highlighted what’s caught our ears so far. For an always updated Spotify playlist of music released this year, click here.

“Searching for Gold”
Davis Alan

“Searching for Gold” is the most recent preview of Davis Alan’s upcoming album, Bad Luck Story. The Stephenville-to-Lubbock transplant has been working with a Who’s Who of Texas musicians on the project, including guitarist/producer Josh Serrato behind the board. While still certainly green, at this juncture in his early career, Alan’s strength as a songwriter is his ability to deliver a hook–something “Searching for Gold” and first single, “The Flood” have in spades.

Panhandle Rambles
Cody Jasper

Just a few days back, Amarillo singer-songwriter Cody Jasper uploaded a handful of songs onto his Soundcloud. It’s safe to say they’ll all eventually make their way onto Jasper’s sophomore record–something he’ll be finishing up before Summer 2017. While there’s still that rock flair we’ve grown to expect from Jasper (“Panhandle Pearls” and the slow burning groover “Along For the Ride”), there’s certainly a down home country feel to tunes like “Good Day” and “Jesus Drank Wine.” With previously shared songs “Love is Overrated” and “Panhandle Ramblin'” in the can, Jasper’s next release looks and sounds promising. We’ve conveniently thrown the lot into a playlist below.

“Don’t Do It,” “Like Lovin’ Used to Be,” and “Doin’ What You Do”
Delbert McClinton

Long time country-blues-rock pioneer Delbert McClinton has released three singles–“Don’t Do It,” “Like Lovin’ Used to Be,” and “Doin’ What You Do”–to preview his upcoming full-length record, Prick of the Litterdue out January 27. This being his 19th studio record finds McClinton venturing down a bluesy jazz road. “Like Lovin’ Used to Be” is easily one of McClinton’s smoothest and laid back tunes. The newest of the three, “Doin’ What You Do,” takes McClinton’s signature voice and wailing harmonica and throws it on one of his most beautifully arranged and sleek-grooved tunes in years.

Hayden Pedigo

Earlier this week, Amarillo guitarist Hayden Pedigo released a two-track surprise in 4VR. Described by Pedigo as a tribute to Vini Reilly and The Durutti Column, the English songwriter’s band. As you’d expect, the two demoesque instrumental recordings are heavily influenced by the dream pop landscapes laid down by the post punk outfit.

Chief’s Hideout

For Chief’s Hideout, Lubbock folktronica singer-songwriter (Ryan) SPiVEY took to the Colorado wilderness. Recorded at a family cabin over the course of four days, Chief’s Hideout gains an added boost from the natural reverb evoked from the secluded cabin’s walls. Spivey and co-producer David Wilkinson tapped into warm, haunting echoes and howls. Chief’s Hideout feels more layered and full than Spivey’s debut, the still excellent Lungs, Heart, & Hands. It’s neither too convoluted or wrapped up in itself for the sake of pompous vain. Spivey’s songwriting has room to breathe. Throughout, he shows that his lyricism would shine through in any style, none better than the lonesome roaming of “No Reason.”

Fancy Practice

Four-piece Lubbock rockabilly outfit Sugarwitch released Fancy Practice in the last week’s of 2015. Much like their ’14 full-length I’m Sorry, Mom, Fancy Practice‘s strengths are vocalist and chief lyricist Jessica Robinson’s sense of humor and scorching howl–that’s, at times gravelly, and at times, a full on growl. Plenty of jumping bass lines litter the five-track EP. Guitarist Brian Duhan’s guitar doesn’t come in guns a-blazing like it did on I’m Sorry, Mom.  Instead, he comes in with sharper, Spaghetti Westernesque lines that burn far longer.


Other Notes of Interest

  • Texas singer-songwriter Grant Gilbert has announced his debut EP, Lost in Translation, will be out January 25th. Preorder here.
  • Earlier this week, Dalton Domino announced Corners, his follow-up to 2015’s breakout debut 1806, will be officially released April 28th.
  • Cowboy Songster Andy Hedges has recently announced Cowboy Recitations, a collection of spoken word cowboy poems has collected over the years. While the album hasn’t made its’ way to iTunes just yet, you can find the record on Hedges’ website here.
  • Speaking of Hedges, he has also recently launched Cowboy Crossroads, a podcast that’ll feature interviews with cowboy poets, songsters, storytellers, songwriters, collaborators, and well, cowboys. Subscribe on iTunes here.
  • William Clark Green has slowly, but surely sharing songs that’ll be included on his TBD fifth studio album, tentatively slated for a late 2017/early 2018 release. Songs like “She Loves Horses,” a co-write with Jay Clementi and Trent Willmon, and “Drunk Again,” a co-write with Brandon Adams (and myself providing cigarette and beer runs), making their way into acoustic sets as of late, it’s “My Mother” that’s found most notoriety so far. Watch an acoustic rendition of the tune recorded recently at Billy Bob’s below.

Dalton Domino’s Dustbowl Sweet 16: Round 1

image1by: Thomas D. Mooney

For the next three days (Tuesday, August 23-Thursday, August 25), Round 1 of the Sweet 16 Tournament will open for voting. You can vote and share using the Votion bracket below. In addition, we’ve provided a playlist and more information on each of the 16 songwriters and artists.

BWMcKenzie01) Ben McKenzie
Stillwater, OK



BWWestly16) Bubba Westly
Boling, TX

BWWeston08) Jamie Weston
Austin, TX

BWBaxley09) Kirk Baxley
Austin, TX

BWAlan04) Davis Alan
Stephenville, TX

BWHamilton13) Skylar Hamilton
San Antonio, TX


BWKay05) Elaina Kay
Wichita Falls, TX

BWCoffey12) Zach Coffey
Ft. Worth, TX

BWWest02) Kody West
Denton, TX

BWDarlene15) Jackie Darlene
Ft. Worth, TX

BWSlu07) Gander Slu
Denton, TX

BWSaenz10) Eddie Saenz
Nashville, TN

BWMcManus03) Austin McManus
Lubbock, TX

BWHolder14) Billy Holder
Gatesville, TX

BWHerrin06) Denny Herrin
Austin, TX

BWJasper11) Cody Jasper
Amarillo, TX


Dalton Domino’s Dustbowl & Sweet 16 Announced

image1by: Thomas D. Mooney

A few months back, Texas singer-songwriter announced that he was creating a one day fall festival called Dustbowl. Hot off the heels of a successful Drinko–a day festival back in May–he announced that Dustbowl would be very much the same, except happening in the fall, Wednesday, October 12 to be exact.  Dustbowl will be happening in Lubbock at The Blue Light.

Playing this year’s Dustbowl will be: Six Market Blvd., Sean McConnell, Willis Alan Ramsey, Adam Hood, Jason Eady, Ben Hussey, Kaitlin Butts, Travis Meadows, John D. Hale, Courtney Patton, Charlie Stout, Brandon Adams, Jonny Burke, Randall King, Koe Wetzel, Gerald Salzarulo, Isaac Hoskins, Brad God, Eddie Esler, Pedro Ramirez, Hunter Hutchinson, Cody Riley, Breelan Angel, and Sarah Hobbs–with a couple more headliners to be announced the week prior to the event.

You can currently purchase presale tickets for $25 here.


In addition, Domino has announced that there will be one play-in spot added to the bill via a Sweet 16 tournament bracket featuring some of Texas and Oklahoma’s up and coming singer-songwriters and artists. The Sweet 16 Bracket will be curated right here on New Slang and feature the following songwriters: Davis Alan, Kirk Baxley, Zach Coffey, Jackie Darlene, Skylar Hamilton, Denny Herrin, Billy Holder, Elaina Kay, Cody Jasper, Ben McKenzie, Austin McManus, Eddie Saenz, Gander Slu, Kody West, Bubba Westly, and Jamie Weston.

Much like an NCAA Basketball tournament, each songwriter will be pitted up against each other in one on one match-ups. Each round will have voting open to the public for three days. After those three days, the winner of each match-up, be decided by popular vote, will move on to the next round.

Below is a schedule for the Sweet 16 bracket.

First Round: Tuesday-Thursday (August 23-25)
Second Round: Friday-Sunday (August 26-28)
Semi-Finals: Monday-Wednesday (August 29-31)
Finals: Thursday-Saturday (September 01-03)

Starting tomorrow morning, we’ll announce the first round match-ups. Note: Seeding and match-ups for the tournament have all determined at random and Seed numbers have no weighted value.